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My name is Elizabeth Whitson, you can call me Beth. I am married, currently residing in North Chicago and a mommy to an energetic six year old that is always dancing and singing, and a three year old that is a bit more laid back (as much as a three year old can be!) and loves to smile. I also love coffee- it really helps me get out of “zombie mode” in the morning. If you’ve ever seen the YouTube video, ‘Women in the morning before coffee’, yep, that’s me.

    I received my first camera in 2009. My dad always told me, “just try it! I know you’ll really enjoy photography!” Boy, was he right. I love being able to bring out the beauty of everyday life that may not get a second glance otherwise, with macro photography. I also have a passion for family and child photography, There is a beautiful energy present in a family together and in the innocence of childhood that I believe is a very important moment in time to capture and be able to cherish for a